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Medals Football

Medals are available in multiple sizes, as well as in different materials and thicknesses, this determines the price. on all medals can be engraved, and it is centered at the rear.

the medals are supplied

  • Including ribbon or cord
  • including Engraving
  • Including installation

Engraving will be done on a back of the medal which is suitable for Maximum 3 Lines

Sample for Engraving

            1e Line                   1st Price   Superleague

            2e Line                      Spring Tournament

            3e Line                 National Association 2019

I you choosed for more medals in colour like Gold-Silver and Bronze please fill in    1st  to 3th Places   ( in Line 1)  We will make the engraving according to the color of the Medal

If Line 2 and 3 should be filled in the same just put in     (Same) and leaf the rest of the engraving text on **please select**

Or you send a attachement-file through the button upload

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Medal E213 Football

Medal E213 50 mm
From £1.36 excluding shipping

Medal E235 Football

Medal E235 50 mm
From £1.36 excluding shipping

Medal E272 Football

Medal E272 45 mm
From £0.89 excluding shipping

Medal E273 Football

Medal E273 45 mm
From £0.89 excluding shipping